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The pipe organ was installed by B.B. Whitehouse & Co. and was dedicated on 26th February, 1905. The Queensland Times reported that the Church had fundraised for two years, raising £445 for the organ and £28 for the water motor and incidentals.

In its original design, it had 2 manuals, 11 speaking stops, with mechanical & tubular-pneumatic action.

As a project for the 125th Anniversary Celebrations, the organ was completely rebuilt. Extra stops and pipes were added and a new action installed. The work was carried out by Whitehouse  Brothers and re-opened in 1977.  

From the 150th Anniversary book, written by Malcolm Morrison:  “After many years of faithful service, the organ was restored in 1976 and the tracker action replaced with electric action on the two manuals.  The pneumatic action remained on the pedals.  In 1994 the bellows were replaced and the pneumatic action on the pedal board replaced with electric action.  A new front was fitted to the swell and octave couplers added to the organ.”

After recent maintenance of the organ, Simon Pierce, respected organ builder from Brisbane, recommended several necessary repairs (apart from regular maintenance) to keep the organ in good health, and singing properly! 

These repairs include replacement of leather puffers on both manuals and pedal board and cleaning the pipework on both manuals and pedal board.

While the repairs sounds simple, it is highly technical and skilled work.  It will cost in the vicinity of $30000 on the basis of Simon’s quote.  As we know, other problems could surface once work begins on the repairs.

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